Software and Services Variability Management Workshop - Concepts, Models and Tools

The amount of variability required of software is constantly increasing. Variability is needed to improve customer satisfaction, cover larger and heterogeneous markets, just to mention few. In the future, the scope of variability will further be broadened. For example, software and services vary in terms of quality attributes, adapt to context and are dynamically personalized. Rigorous modelling methods, languages and tools are needed to describe and manage the variability and to implement effective means for deriving products and services.

The goal of this workshop is to explore and explicate the current status and ongoing work within the field of variability by bringing together and promoting the transfer of knowledge between different disciplines and application domains, and between research and practice. Future directions for research will be outlined based on needs expressed by the industrial participants.

Earlier workshops on software variability (e.g., at SPLC, ICSE, Groningen, configuration workshops) have provided an initial understanding of the area and formed a basis for managing variety. This is achieved by bringing together researchers and practitioners from different domains. Relevant results and lessons learned can also be found in the traditional products and services, such as in the field of product configuration.

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