User interfaces and usability A3

Responsible professors: Marko Nieminen, Petri Vuorimaa, Tapio Takala

User-centred design aims to develop products and systems that are easy to use from the end users’ point of view. The module enables students to design interactive interfaces and products with high usability. After completing the included courses students possess the knowledge and skills to apply user-centred design and evaluation methodology in product and system development projects. User-centred design takes into account human characteristics as a user of a product, existing requirements from context of use and the potential arising from technical possibilities. The module enables students to work as a member of a multidisciplinary product development team.

Code Name of the course period cr
Compulsory courses:
T-121.5151 Methods for user-centred product development II 3
Choose at least one of the following (both recommended):
T-121.5350 Strategic user-centred design III 9
T-121.5450 Interaction design and evaluation IV 8
Choose from the following courses at least 20 credits:
T-121.5500 Special Assigment in User-Centred Product Development I-IV 1-8
T-121.5850 Individual Course of Usability (P) I-IV 1-10
T-121.5900 Seminar on User Interfaces and Usability (P) IV 3-8
T-121.5950 Thesis Seminar (P) I-IV 2
T-76.5115 Software Development Project II I-III 6-8
  Total at least   20

(P) The course can be taken in Doctoral level studies.


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