Usability School (C)

Prof. Marko Nieminen

To further deepen the user interfaces and usability education a C-module Usability schools is offered. It is a multidisciplinary curriculum provided jointly by TKK (Department of Computer Science), University of Art and Design (Industrial and Strategic Design) and University of Helsinki (Cognitive Science).

Usability School teaches additional perspectives to apply and manage user-centred design and development. The module teaches co-operative work in multidisciplinary teams and the basics from all the participating university units. Courses included in the Usability School module are provided by each of the universities and are verified annually by the usability school steering group. Examples of the course themes of the other universities include basics of cognitive science and user-centred product concept design.

The Usability School admits annually five students from each of the participating universities based on applications (due in May). Admitted students have two-year time window to complete the included usability school courses.


Code Name of the course cr
Compulsory courses:
T-121.5500 Special Assignment in User-Centred Product Development 1-8
Cog101(UH) Johdatus kognitiotieteeseen 5
(Taik) User Inspired Design 10
Choose from the following courses at least 20 credits:
T-121.5xxx Courses and seminars  
Cog402(UH) Kokeellinen harjoituskurssi 6
Cog211(UH) Kognitiivinen psykologia 6
Cog202(UH) Havaintopsykologia 6
(Taik) Ergonomics 5
  In the optional courses it is also possible to include other courses from the field of industrial design (UIAH) and cognitive science (UH). These courses must be agreed in written with the responsible professor of the module.  
  Total at least 20


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updated 7.8.2008