EDSER-6 Proceedings

6th International Workshop on Economics-Driven Software Engineering Research

Please note: these files are available only temporarily and are intended for EDSER-6 participants so that they can prepare for the workshop.  Do not forward these files or make copies except for personal use.

Whole proceedings in a single Zip file: http://www.soberit.hut.fi/edser-6/PDF/EDSER6_PDFs.zip

Table of Contents

Jyrki Kontio, Hakan Erdogmus, Michael A. Cusumano, and David Raffo

Economic Analysis of Processes and Practices

Value-Based Software Metrics
Barry Boehm and Winsor Brown

The Role of Valuation in Value-Based Software Engineering
Michael Halling, Stefan Biffl and Paul Grünbacher

Measuring Software Costs: A New Perspective on a Recurring Problem
Diane Jamieson, Kevin Vinsen, and Guy Callender

Strategic Decisions in Software Companies

Improving RE Decision-Making via Business-Driven Long-Term View of Software Product's Future Development Steps
Laura Lehtola and Minna-Kaarina Forssén

Internationalization Models of Software Product Firms
Matti T. Heikkonen and Markus M. Mäkelä

Added Value of Cooperation

On the Impact of Warmup Phases on the Economics of Pair Programming
Frank Padberg and Matthias Müller

Analyzing Software Development as a Noncooperative Game
Mark Grechanik and Dewayne E. Perry

Optimization of Value

Optimizing V&V and IV&V Activities Using Simulation
David M. Raffo

A Case Study on Optimization of Resource Distribution to cope with Unanticipated Changes in Requirements
Joost Noppen and Mehmet Aks

Value of Security

Economic Aspects and Needs in IT-Security Risk Management for SMEs
Markus Klemen and Stefan Biffl

Doctoral Student Papers

Product Portfolio Management in Small Software Product Businesses – a Tentative Research Agenda
Jarno Vähäniitty

Learning Curve Issues in Enterprise Application Integration Projects
Raffaella De Falco, Vincenzo Fabio Rollo, and Gabriele Venturi

How risks affect a project duration
Emmanuel Chauveau

f2 COCOMO: Estimating Software Project Effort and Cost
Allan Caine and Anne Banks Pidduck

Applying ArchOptions to Value the Payoff of Refactoring
Rami Bahsoon and Wolfgang Emmerich

Finalizing a PhD Thesis in Architectural Evolution
Josef Nedstam