Research Groups

Strategic Usability Group (Stratus)

Strategic Usability Group (Stratus) is a multidisciplinary research group, which focuses on the researching human-computer interaction and emerging technologies, utilising this new knowledge in providing both Master's and PhD level education. Our focal points are user-centred product development, especially its business implications, usability and user interface design.

Product Data Management Group (PDMG)

The Product Data Management Group (PDMG) investigates how information technology can be used for the management of complex products. The group concentrates on products that have many variants and long life-cycles. These products are typically found in discrete manufacturing industry.

Software Process Research Group (SPRG)

The Software Process Research Group performs research related to various aspects of the software process. Our interests include software process improvement, software processes for small companies and software product development, as well as development in company networks. Our projects are multi-disciplinary in nature, combining project and process management with legal and human aspects.

Product requirements and architecture research group (Preago)

The main efforts of Preago are in the areas of requirements and software architectures, particularly in the complexities related to the transfer of relevant design information from one to the other. We are interested in the development of software or software intensive products and service products, especially specialising in the cases where variability is of importance.

Information Systems and Service Engineering Group (ISSEG)

The Information Systems and Service Engineering Group performs research related to various aspects of enterprise information systems and service science.