Law and Technology (A3)

Professor Juha Laine
Professor Ari Ekroos

The goal of the program is to make the students familiar with the legal side of computing and network economy. The compulsory part of the program provides students with basic knowledge of intellectual property rights related to information products such as copyright, database protection and software patents. General principles of contract law are summoned up and software contracts are studied in detail. The optional part of the program consists of a wide variety of courses either by deepening the compulsory part or by addressing special legal aspects of network economy.

Code Name of the course period cr
Compulsory courses:    
T-76.5632 Legal Issues in Computing (P) I 4-6
T-76.5753 Law in Network Society (P) IV 4-6
Choose from the following courses at least 20 credits:
T-76.5750 Seminar on Law and Technology (P) * IV 3
T-76.5754 Law and Technology - book examination 1 I-IV 3
T-76.5758 Law and Technology - book examination 2 I-IV 3
T-76.5762 Legal Aspects of Service Management (P) I-II 3
T-76.5759 Individual Studies P V I-IV 3-12
T-76.5751 Special Writing Work on Law and Technology V I-IV 3-6
Maa-29.3372 Labour Law P IV 3
Maa-29.2375 Public Law P III 3
32E11000 Yhti÷oikeus (HSE) ** ** 6
32E11100 Legal aspects of Finance (HSE) ** ** 6
  Total at least 20

* arrenged according to agreement

** Can be completed as JOO-studies. Further information about Flexible Study Right agreement (JOO) and application system

(P) The course can be taken in Doctoral level studies.

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updated 1.9.2010