Note: The SEMS research project concluded on 30.4.2004. A summary of SEMS and its results can be found here. The final results of the project were packaged in a book aimed at practitioners, the electronic version of which is since 9/2006 freely available for download!

Please refer to the pages of SPRG for more information on our upcoming activities.

The SEMS research project develops a Software Engineering Management System for small and medium-sized enterprises in the software product business. The project aims at  improving the profitability and growth opportunities of small and medium-sized software product companies by ensuring a fit between SW development and management practices and business models. This is achieved through identifying and instantiating software engineering and management practices relevant to the business model. By understanding the key factors related to the business models used, software process models can be developed that focus on relevant details, thus minimising unnecessary overhead. Also, a model to assess the fit-for-purpose of the software development activities of an SME in the product business is developed. This model can be used by venture capitalists to assess the capability of enterprises to develop top-quality products. The model can also be used by the companies for self-assessment. The work is action research performed in close co-operation with the piloting companies.

The SEMS project is planned to span over three years (2001-2004) and it is part of the TEKES technology programme SPIN.

Below, you can see the SEMS project team in August 2003. Click on the
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