Job opportunities

SoberIT is a laboratory in Software Business and Engineering doing research in domains where the core problems lie largely outside the pure and traditional Computer Science domain needing a multidisciplinary rfesearch approach. Research at SoberIT is multi-disciplinary by nature utilising methods, such as design science, case study and participatory action research. In addition to new software development methodologies and software architectural approaches SoberIT has always been open to emerging problems where innovative uses of computing may result in high impact applications in the future; many of these are related to unprecedented applications.

The continuous investment and effort and interest put to the development of the laboratory has resulted to a encouraging working atmosphere with highly committed and motivated personnel.

The close and long-term relationships with several industrial software development companies are invaluable in ensuring practical relevance of research topics and results. The industrial collaboration also provides a unique opportunity in conducting research within engineering disciplines where the relevance stemming from the industrial practice is of importance, in addition to the scientific rigour of research. The setting provides an opportunity for research that is not possible in all academic engineering institutions

There are post-doctoral positions to be filled in the following research topics:

The research scientists are expected to use most of their time for scientific research, co-operating with doctoral students, MSc students and other group members, and about 30% for teaching and management duties. These positions have been created specifically to enable a balance between personal research and learning though teaching. Typically, the research scientist would be responsible for one major lecture course in a year. Fluent English is essential.

The application should include an application letter, CV, summary of the applicant's teaching experience, current personal research statement in at most four pages, list of at most five significant research publications or reports, references or contact information of 2-3 persons, and any other material relevant to the application.

Email applications should be sent to Contact person listed above, and they should include all relevant material attached to one message. Applications in paper form should be sent to the Contact person as listed above to SoberIT, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, P.O.Box 19210, 00076 Aalto. Please provide links to publications instead of attachments or printed copies where possible.

The search for applicants is continuous. Applications are processed as they arrive and considered for any open positions.