SPRG Projects

Current Projects

SHAPE (2004-2007)

The goal of the SHAPE (Software product Health And Process Excellence) research project is to increase the competitivity of the Finnish software product industry through developing an approach and practical guidelines for supporting long-term product health and establishing software process excellence, considering both technical and business aspects.

Past Projects

SEMS (2000-2004)

The SEMS research project developed a Software Engineering Management System for small and medium-sized enterprises in the software product business. The project aimed at improving the profitability and growth opportunities of small and medium-sized software product companies by ensuring a fit between SW development and management practices and business models.

VETO (2000-2004)

The goals of the VeTO project was to understand how work is organised and performed in a globally networked product development project in different environments, and to develop a procedure that gives basis for successful execution of a globally networked product development project, especially by supporting the setup phase of a project. Additional objective was to estimate needs for and develop supporting IT tools for project metrics and status visualisation.

LUCOS (1997-2000)

The goals of the LUCOS project was to develop a method for improving the controllability of product development, as well as tools supporting the method. The focus was on the electronics and telecom industries.