Enterprise information Systems (A3)

Prof. Reijo Sulonen
Prof. (pro tem) Matti Hämäläinen
Prof. Juha Laine

Motivation: Companies and other organizations cannot survive without information systems. They support the most central business processes. Currently we are experiencing a development where companies and organizations are forming value networks in which they are exchanging goods and services with other organizations globally. This business transformation associated with rapidly developing ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) opens new possibilities and challenges for Information Systems.

Purpose: The module Enterprise Information Systems studies the most important information systems, their applications and underlying principles. In particular, issues and methodologies related to information systems design and integration are discussed. In this context we emphasize the importance of business processes and models as a starting point for information systems development. The issues are not treated only from the technical point of view. It has become important to understand the enterprise in a wider context which covers the societal and legal frameworks. Thus the module prepares the students to help organizations design and build information systems to meet the future challenges of new business models in a global world with increasingly more tightly knit company and inter-organizational networks.

Examples of job possibilities: Design and implementation of information systems in industry and government with business development aspects. Research and development of products in information systems area. Specialist tasks in this domain. Jobs found in in-house IT organizations, in growing IT service sector and ICT industry.

Code Name of the course period cr
Compulsory courses 10-14 cr:
T-86.5141 Enterprise Systems Architecture I 4
T-86.5310 ICT Enabled Service Business and Innovation I 4-6
Choose from the following courses at least 20 credits:
T-86.5150 Special Assignment on Enterprise Information Systems (P) - 3-10
T-86.5160 Special Topics in CIM I-II 5-10
T-86.5161 Special Course in Information Systems Integration I-II 6
T-86.5165 Seminar on Enterprise Information Systems (P) - 3-8
T-86.5170 Service-Oriented  Architecture and Software Engineering III 4
T-86.5175 Business Process Design and Implementation IV 4
T-86.5180 IT Governance I-II 4
T-86.5751 Strategic Digital Service Innovations (L) - 3-7
T-76.5150 Software Architectures (P) III-IV 5
  Total at least   20

If student has included the course T-86.5310 to the optional part of the A2 module, one has to complete either T-86.5170 or T-86.5175 as the compulsory course of this A3 module. In the optional courses it is also possible to include other courses from the field of Enterprise Information Systems (e.g. TKK courses with code T, TU or AS or courses from Helsinki School of Economics HSE). These courses must be agreed in written with the responsible professor of the module.

(P) The course can be taken in Doctoral level studies.


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updated 1.9.2010