Software Engineering (A3)

Prof. Reijo Sulonen, Tomi Männistö, Casper Lassenius, Marjo Kauppinen

The aim of the software engineering teaching is to educate experts to the increasingly digital environment where they are able to develop and utilise information systems with a proper understanding of social, business and human factors. The experts will be able to successfully operate in the globalised and networked world by identifying and developing situation-specific and efficient methods, models and practises.

The teaching in software engineering A3 concentrates on advanced topics in software engineering techniques and methods. The module provides the students with a broad understanding on the development of various software intensive systems, products and product families in companies. The courses address software development processes and methods, management of development and software process improvement. Success in studies requires proper knowledge of computer science and programming.

Students graduating with a major from software engineering do typically find work in development and implementation of software systems, project management, quality assurance organisation or process development in positions including those of software engineer, software architect, project manager, quality manager and product manager.

Code Name of the course period cr
Compulsory courses:
T-76.5115 Software Development Project II I-III 8
T-76.xxxx Seminar * 3-5
Choose from the following courses at least 20 credits:    
T-76.5150 Software Architectures (P) III-IV 5
T-76.5612 Software Project Management (P) III 4
T-76.5613 Software Testing and Quality Assurance I-II 5
T-76.5615 Requirements Engineering (P) III 2-4
T-76.5631 Software Processes (P) IV 4
  Total at least   20

* If there is not T-76.xxxx -seminar available, please contact one of the professors responsible of the module (offiice hours: please contact secretary Ms. Johanna Lehtola to set up a meeting).

(P) The course can be taken in Doctoral level studies.


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updated 26.8.2010