Annotated links to patterns-related material
available on-line

Most of the material listed here is reachable from the patterns home page. The added value of this collection is in annotations. However I do recommend you to browse the patterns home page it is continuously updated, and may include some interesting material that have not yet read. If you find something like that, please let me and others in the group know about it.

A classic paper on documenting framework with patterns. If your case study is about an application domain and you intend to study how essential domain problems are solved using a given framework this is a must-read:

  • Ralph Johnson
  • An early version of the Conduits+ paper discussed in the last lecture. An example of a case study on framework design.

  • Herman Hueni, Ralph Johnson, Robert Engel
  • Some pattern papers of mine that maybe good to read at least, becouse you heard me talking. A very terse paper that presents some ideas on event-centered architecture and some of its patterns:

    A long paper that discusses patterns for dealing with complex, state-dependent behaviour. It is also an attempt to address a hard problem of exploring alternatives and "growing patterns" by combining and re-combining finer grain desing decisions.

    A long, but wonderful paper by Jim Coplien, that addresses various aspects of development process. A different and excellent style. Must-read to see a totally different domain of pattern application.

  • Jim Coplien
  • Some of you will have to "reverse architect" an existing application. Here are some thoughts from John Vlissides on the subject:

  • John Vlissides
  • A good example of a pattern language that addresses broader issues than object design.

  • Bruce G. Whitenack, Jr.
  • Portland Pattern Repository serves a number of very interesting examples of pattern languages written in the "Portland Style". You should check: (Full of wisdom and style)

    The CHECKS Pattern Language of Information Integrity
    Ward Cunningham
    Any program that accepts user input will need to separate good input from bad, and to make sure little of the latter gets recorded. This pattern language tells how to make these checks without complicating the program and compromising future flexibility.

    Some simple ideas that work:

    Early Development
    User Interface
    Kent Beck

    An excellent paper that may answer to you the question in the title:

    What is Architectural Software Development?
    Larry Best
    This paper talks about some of the things American Management Systems, Inc. has done in the general area of frameworks and architectures. Its not a set of patterns, but it does list and discuss the high-level patterns that AMS uses as the basis for its design handbook, itself a collection of design patterns.

    Check also some chapters from the forthcoming book: Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture - A System of Patterns by Frank Buschmann, Regine Meunier, Hans Rohnert, Peter Sommerlad, Michael Stal. Wiley and Sons Ltd., 1996. Here are some examples of "architectural patterns", the MVC, PAC, and Layers chapters.

    June 1996 issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal featured Patterns and Software Design. Some articles are also available on-line.