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Here's a continuously evolving snapshot of my more personal aspects (updated 30.11.2010):

Hobbies and Interests

When I have the time to spare I like to dabble in the following:

*  Boffer fighting. My #1 hobby, currently. Myself and a couple of friends crafted our first boffers in the Summer of 2002 and started bashing. Since then we've formed a group called the Assasins of Alberga (Albergan Assasiinit) and met many others from the Finnish boffer-fighting community. I organize weekly training sessions on the Alberga Castle lands. If you are interested in boffer fighting or in how to make decent boffer weapons, check out e.g. our own pages, Sotahuuto 2006 or Lukrain's Guide to Boffers.

*  Misc. budo & swordsmanship. I've been studying Tai Chi in Tai Chi Chuan Finland since 2001. Here are some pictures from a display we had in Helsinki in October 2004. Also, check out the videos on some high class practice (no, not me) on the Tai Chi Chuan website! However, at present, boffer fighting fills my martial arts quota quite fully. In 2003 I took a basic course of Kendo in Ki ken tai icchi to gain more understanding of the basics of swordplay (for boffer fighting purposes, naturally :-). I try to do some suburi practice daily by myself, and occasionally with a friend who trains Aikido on a regular basis. When possible, I attend weekend seminars at Guy Windsor's Swordschool. Not to mention the continued contemplation of Go Rin No Sho...

*  Music, making. Not waiting to get  too old to rock and roll but too young to die, I'm realizing my rock n' roll volare in Beatific Division, Brighton Beach and Liquid Wolf. Check out our pages to hear the stuff out! I have also taken up delighting & surprising my friends, colleagues and students with occasional troubadour performances... If you play guitar, check out the one-page summaries of pop songs (handy for quick reference) and tabs I've done.

*  Music, listening. This is dear to me, and I like many kinds of music, ranging from hard(ish) rock through more ambient, progressive and/or obscure sounds to reggae, and on to the kind of pop that plays on the radio. I'm always looking for to expand my musical tastes, so feel free to tip me off if you think you have heard something pretty good lately. 

*  RPGs. Role-playing games have been a great source of enjoyment for myself and a group of close friends. Although, thanks to our inspired game master, the rules used have changed several times, our current campaign has been going for quite some time now. If you are a gamer yourself or just want to get an idea what this is like, check out our RPG campaign pages

*  Reading. In addition to the stuff related to my research, I am a heavy user of the local library - and used to have a tendency to spend a small portion of my earnings for equipping my own shelf with copies of some of the favourites. Nowadays, the shelves are full, and there's less time for reading...but I have taken up mp3-audiobooks to fill the gap. It is perfectly learnable to listen at +50% of the regular speed, though at first it takes some getting used to :-)

The following are currently more or less on the backburner:

*  Computers. Varying in the time spent and focus (the usual work & writing-related stuff vs. games vs. other hacking), I have been involved with computers since the age of five. While nowadays computers seem to serve as the main tool in earning my living, I try to reserve the time to have some fun as well, for example by playing a game or two of NetHack. Some of the "more recent" games (yep, these are getting pretty old as well) I've taken the time to complete are Icewind Dale I & II and the Baldur's Gate series. A year back I had some fun with experimental anti-war Civilization campaigns. When I get around to gaming the next time, I'll probably be tackling the Temple of Elemental Evil, which has remained unopened since I got it in Summer 2004...

*  Other sports. For a while, I complemented Tai Chi also with Astanga Yoga, but again, decided to focus on Tai Chi only. I've been an enthusiastic player of floorball in high scool and through my undergraduate years, and most likely would be a happy contribution to your not-too-serious floorball team. I can also be spotted roaming the local countryside with my bicycle. And, if you want somebody to beat in badminton, I'm your man.

*  Photographing. Ever since getting a digital camera in late 2001 I have been collecting a trace of the places I've been and the people I've seen, sometimes to their discomfort. Here is some of the more recent scenery. The pages are password-protected, email me to get access.

*  Mind mapping. In 2002 I ran across an easy but powerful tool to do this, and have since then been using it for almost everything. As a side-effect, I've probably during the last years generated some license sales revenue for Mindjet through being an inspiring example :-)

*  Travelling. During the past few years I have begun to notice that travelling in addition to being lots of fun, helps keep your eyes and mind open even in more 'familiar' surroundings.

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